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    The Weekly Round-Up: Spending Bill Leaves Unanswered Questions on Immigration, Premium Processing Suspended for H-1B Visas, and ICE Director to Testify on Sanctuary City Issue

    Congress released a proposed omnibus budget on Wednesday that addresses certain immigration issues but leaves many of the most important issues unaddressed. READ MORE

  2. President Trump Sets Showdown on Federal Budget and DACA, Seeks Much Stricter Immigration Enforcement

    The White House set out a list of immigration policies and programs that it wants put into place in order to make a deal on extending DACA. READ MORE

  3. Government Shutdown Looms Larger As President Seeks Funding For Border Wall

    Last week, President Trump threatened to force a government shutdown if Congress did not provide funding for a wall along America’s southern border with Mexico. READ MORE

  4. House Spending Bill for Homeland Security Heavy on Border Wall, Enforcement, and Deportation

    On Tuesday, July 11, the House Appropriations Committee released a spending bill for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). READ MORE