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  1. As an Employer, What Do I Do If I Receive a "No-Match" Letter?

    Early this year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) resumed the mailing of “No-Match” letters to employers that submit, through a Form W-2, at least one name and Social Security Number that fail to match SSA records. What is a “No-Match” letter? Through the No-Match letter, an employer is informed of the number of Form W-2s that reported mismatched information, and asked to register with the SSA’s electronic READ MORE READ MORE

  2. Impact of New Public Charge Rule on Seniors and Disabled Individuals

    In August, the Department of Homeland Security issued the final version of its revised “Public Charge” regulation. This rule is scheduled to go into effect in October, although legal challenges are expected. If implemented, the rule could have devastating effects on individuals with disabilities and seniors who are immigrants, as well as those who rely on caregivers who are immigrants. Background For decades, the federal government has READ MORE READ MORE

  3. IT Company Fined $48,193 for H-1B Visa Program Violations

    An information technology (IT) consulting company that develops database and web-based applications, content management, and blockchain technology was fined $48,193 by the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Wage & Hour Division to settle allegations of H-1B Visa Program violations. What Happened? According to the DOL, Glendale, California-based Assigncorp, when seeking the H-1B employees, submitted certifications to the DOL, which required Assigncorp to pay certain wages based on the READ MORE READ MORE

  4. What Should Employers Do When Current Form I-9 Expires August 31?

    U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) has informed all employers to continue using the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, released on July 17, 2017, notwithstanding the August 31, 2019, expiration date listed on that form. According to USCIS, a new edition of the Form I-9 will be “soon be published.” However, it has yet to be published and USCIS did not provide a timeframe for its release. READ MORE READ MORE

  5. Immigrant Employees Sue Car Wash Employer Claiming Wage Discrimination

    In the wake of the new minimum wage law passed earlier this month, eight immigrant workers have filed a lawsuit against Caribbean Car Wash Inc. in Elizabeth, New Jersey (CCW), alleging CCW paid them less than $5 per hour for many years and denied them overtime because of their immigration status, or lack thereof. The claim, brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act and New Jersey Wage READ MORE READ MORE