Raymond Lahoud and the Norris McLaughlin’s Immigration Law Practice act in any type of immigration action in Pennsylvania.

Whether it be marriage cases, naturalization, student, or employment visas. Whatever your immigration law issue is, we have the ability to serve you.

Immigrants are also people like anyone else, people who get into trouble with the police, who suffer from broken marriages and lost jobs and make mistakes with U.S. immigration law. Because of their special contributions to this Nation, immigrants deserve the best legal services available. They deserve a law firm that will fight hard to defend their rights, to bring family members together here in the U.S., and to keep them here when trouble strikes. These are the principles that guide our Immigration Practice.

For example, we do not yield to the Government’s deportation charges but force the prosecution to meet its burden and prove up its accusations. Only once the Government establishes its charges do we then apply for forgiveness from the immigration court. By fighting every step of the way, we give our clients greater opportunities to avoid deportation, both before the immigration court and on appeal.

Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. For instance, many permanent residents with criminal records face a frightening dilemma when it comes time to renew their permanent residency cards. By coming forward as required with a green card renewal application, they place themselves at risk of identifying their criminal history to the DHS and having their case referred for deportation. Unbeknownst to them, however, many immigrants with criminal records may still qualify for U.S. citizenship, and thereby avoid the risk of deportation altogether. In such cases, we judiciously and painstakingly move forward with an application for naturalization, after fully advising our clients of the risks and likelihood of success. Thanks to our specialized knowledge of criminal and U.S. citizenship laws, we can often successfully assert that not every deportable crime is a disqualification for naturalization. By obtaining U.S. citizenship, our clients are able to live in the United States, free of the fear of deportation.

Alongside our defense of immigrants with criminal histories, we also provide immigrant families with dedicated, creative, and unwavering legal representation. Whether it be reuniting loved ones impacted by divorce or complex living arrangements, defending separated or divorced immigrants in removing the condition on permanent residency, or assisting abused immigrants under the Violence Against Women’s Act and the U visa program, or firm will serve you with compassion, personal attention, and deep understanding.

As noted earlier, we also are active in the areas of permanent immigration, non-immigrant visas, specialty visas, employment visas, student visas, naturalization, immigration litigation, deportation defense, employer immigration compliance, audits, and raids. We do it all.

Our Immigration Law Approach

Our firm’s approach requires adherence to the highest ethical standards. Simply put, we do not lie, either to our clients or to the Government, or pursue arguments having no basis in fact or law. We will not assist clients in obtaining U.S. residency based on marriages entered into for the purpose of evading U.S. immigration laws. We will not represent a client applying for asylum who has no fear of return to the country of origin. We will not assist companies and employees who have no bona fide employment relationship. We consistently warn our clients that any attorney willing to deceive the Government will also be willing to deceive and defraud her clients.

At Norris McLaughlin, the Immigration Law Group, led by Attorney Raymond Lahoud, we do our utmost to help our clients understand the complicated and often frustrating legal and administrative immigration process. Our multi-lingual translation affiliate provides English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, and French translation services. We understand that each case has unique circumstances. After analyzing the facts, we devise practical solutions for solving a myriad of legal immigration issues. Staying abreast of the ever-changing U.S. immigration laws, Norris McLaughlin regularly assists individuals and businesses with immigrant and non-immigrant visas, including, green card petitions, family preference visas, application for business visas such as Multi-national L Visas, H1-B and EB-1 visas as well as labor certifications, asylum, and citizenship matters.

In the area of business and employment-related immigration services, Norris McLaughlin can represent local and small and large businesses throughout the nation. Our firm’s range of legal services relating to businesses, includes, but is not limited to: assisting human resource departments, advising employers on legal issues related to hiring workers from abroad, obtaining permanent residence or professional visas (H-1B visas and L Visas) for foreign employees and transfer and placement of executive and professional personnel from countries outside the U.S. When you need practical solutions for any immigration problems, call Raymond Lahoud and the team of Norris McLaughlin Immigration Lawyers in Pennsylvania at (484) 544-0022. Or, call toll-free at (888)-440-4-USA to arrange a phone or office appointment.

Norris McLaughlin is the leading Pennsylvania immigration law and deportation defense law firm. From offices in Allentown, Pennsylvania as well as locations in Bridgewater, New Jersey, and New York, New York, Norris McLaughlin’s Immigration Law Practice Group’s attorneys strive to provide the highest caliber of representation in any immigration matter. We represent individuals and companies across the nation in all aspects of immigration law, including employment-based and family-based immigration, naturalization, citizenship, asylum, deportation, and all types of non-immigrant visas. With the ability to serve clients across the globe, Norris McLaughlin’s three linked locations in Somerset County, New Jersey, New York, New York, and and the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, serving those in Easton, Bethlehem, Allentown, Philadelphia, Scranton, York, Monroe County, Berks County, Bucks County, Lehigh County, Northampton County, Lebanon County, York County, and beyond.

Historical, Ethical, Outside the Box Representation throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Immigration Law, whether it be Fiancé, Spouse or Family Immigration cases, Employment-based Immigration cases like H-1Bs, L-1s, E-2s, or PERM Labor Certifications cases, Deportation, Asylum or Removal Immigration cases, Immigrant Investor Immigration Cases, ICE Employer Investigations, E-Verify, or Enforcement Immigration cases, or Department of Labor Immigration investigation cases, is a complicated and convoluted system of laws, which demands attorneys who maintain the highest level of ethics and a commitment to zealous reputation.

Built on a foundation of over a century of immigration law experience and a dedication to forging strong client relationships, the Norris McLaughlin Immigration Practice Group represent interests across the broad immigration law spectrum. Our attorneys strive to provide the highest-quality legal advice available.

Our immigration and deportation attorneys as well as our staff pride ourselves on assisting our clients in finding immigration solutions where others have failed. We obtain excellent results for our clients because of our expertise and “thinking outside the box” approach.

Client by client, we have built a reputation throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey for high-quality work, a positive outlook, and the highest standards of service and ethics. Year after year, we continue to attract excellent clients, challenging assignments — and outstanding lawyers. All this translates to a team of legal counsel solely focused on providing the best immigration advice possible for our clients without compromise.

One word has long described the quality of work provided to each Norris McLaughlin Immigration Law or Deportation Defense Client: Excellence.

Contact us today and begin working with us. Find out what it means to have a dedicated immigration law firm working for you. Call Norris McLaughlin’s Immigration Lawyers in Pennsylvania at (484) 544-0022, in New Jersey at (908) 821-1868. Or, call toll-free at (888)-440-4-USA to arrange a phone or office appointment. Call now, later, or tonight–our 24 hour a day team is ready to serve you, wherever you are.