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  1. Immigration Law Blogs (not intended to be legal advice) - Ray Lahoud, Norris McLaughlin Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, United States of America, Attorney at Law

    The Weekly Round-Up: Federal Court Blocks White House from Punishing Sanctuary Cities, Florida Businesses Oppose Mandatory Electronic Employment Verification, and President Trump Drops Immigrant Legal Defense Fund

    If you are in immigration proceedings and have any questions about your legal rights, please contact an immigration attorney to discuss your case. READ MORE

  2. Time for Electronic Filing with the Immigration Court System – Time to Save the Enviroment, Money and Time

    Given the continued annual growth of actual deportations and commencement of deportation proceedings, Attorney Raymond Lahoud called for the implementation of an electronic filing system for the Immigration Courts that is similar to that in the federal court system. “Deportation proceedings are, without any doubt, the fastest proceedings that exist in the American Judicial System and potential deportees are rapidly transported across the nation and pushed out READ MORE READ MORE