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  1. Senate Bill #1158 – Immigration and Remittances: What’s to come?

    In a typical year, more than 270 million immigrants living and working abroad send cash transfers, known as remittances, to their home countries. In 2019, two-thirds of all international migrants lived in just 20 countries, with the United States holding the most at 51 million (about 19% of the world’s total). (United Nations). As of 2020, despite the lockdowns that have devastated economies and led unemployment rates to skyrocket, remittances have generally held READ MORE READ MORE

  2. This Project Seeks to Assist Companies in Onboarding Immigrant Employees

    Over 47 million people living in the United States are immigrants, and as recent studies indicate, they face higher rates of unemployment than do non-foreign workers. Nonprofit organizations are now seeking to address this issue by creating for employers a language guide that offers solutions to certain issues uniquely affecting immigrants in the workplace. Immigration Growth Driving U.S. Economy In 2021, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the United READ MORE READ MORE

  3. Is There a Link Between Immigration and Unemployment?

    There is frequently controversy regarding the effects that immigration might have on unemployment rates, especially when a large section of the population is struggling financially. News of corporations seeking H‑1B visas erroneously advances the idea that employers actively recruit foreign workers rather than hire native-born ones. However, there is no link between immigration rates and unemployment patterns. This is due to job market demographics and the benefits READ MORE READ MORE