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  1. Pennsylvanian Cooperative Highlights Business Opportunities for Undocumented Entrepreneurs

    In Philadelphia, a new worker-owned collective, Masa Cooperativa, uses indigenous corn to create authentic corn masa to sell to local restaurants. But this collective is not unique; it is just one example of a new trend. Across the United States, undocumented entrepreneurs are increasingly creating their own businesses where they can earn a living despite lacking legal work status. Work Authorization in the United States For many READ MORE READ MORE

  2. “Driving PA Forward” Seeks to Expand Access to Drivers Licenses for Undocumented Individuals in Pennsylvania

    A Pennsylvania organization, Driving PA Forward, gathered on the steps of the state capitol building in Harrisburg last week to support House Bill 279. If passed, the bill will expand the right for undocumented individuals to obtain drivers licenses in Pennsylvania. Advocates stress that increased licensing of undocumented individuals will provide key relief to undocumented persons, expand insurance coverage, and make Pennsylvania roads safer. Roadblocks for Undocumented READ MORE READ MORE

  3. New Jersey Donor Aids Children of Immigrants Banned from the United States

    Things have changed a lot since 1989.  Now, only a few states issue identifications to those without an immigration status. READ MORE

  4. Immigration Law Blogs (not intended to be legal advice) - Ray Lahoud, Norris McLaughlin Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, United States of America, Attorney at Law

    The Weekly Round-Up: Justice Department Delays Decision to Revoke Legal Fund for Immigrants, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Threatens to Sue ICE, and Private Prison Reports Expects Profit Increases Amid Multiple Lawsuits

    Jeff Sessions informed the U.S. Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce that he would continue funding for the Legal Orientation Program. READ MORE

  5. ICE Director: “We’re Taking Work Site Enforcement Very Hard This Year.” Promises to Significantly Increase the Immigration Enforcement Pressure on All Employers.

    The acting director of ICE echoed the immigration enforcement focus on employers as a crucial part of curbing undocumented immigration to the United States. READ MORE