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  1. President Trump Sets Showdown on Federal Budget and DACA, Seeks Much Stricter Immigration Enforcement

    The White House set out a list of immigration policies and programs that it wants put into place in order to make a deal on extending DACA. READ MORE

  2. Senate Introduces Pathway to Citizenship for Dreamers, Potentially Altering a Generation

    This week, the United States Senate introduced the Dream Act of 2017, to create a pathway to citizenship for young people in America without lawful status. READ MORE

  3. Is the DREAM Act Just a Dream?

    What a surprise—the DREAM Act vote in the US Senate was postponed another week.  Hopes of millions of undocumented Americans have faded after yesterday’s United States’ House of Representatives passage of the Act. Unsurprisingly, the House passed its version of the DREAM Act, weeks before Republicans take control following the GOP’s General Election victory.  The question is, however, is this DREAM Act going to become a reality READ MORE READ MORE