Category: Censorship

  1. TikTok Ban? National Privacy Concerns Expand to its Use of the H-1B Program and Deportation

    In recent years, the social media app TikTok has become one of the most popular apps in the world. It has gained a massive following among young people, with over one billion active users worldwide. Its popularity has not been without controversy, however, particularly in the United States where it has been at the center of a national security controversy. The concerns over TikTok stem from its ownership by the Chinese READ MORE READ MORE

  2. USCIS Censorship

    When it comes to transparency in government activities there are two extremes: On the one hand, there is the total freedom of information sought by many advocates of democracy, the “open covenants, openly arrived at” concept of Woodrow Wilson. On the other there is the highly efficient censorship of a dictatorship, such as that of North Korea. And in the middle there is the not-so-competent, partial censorship READ MORE READ MORE