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  1. Less Than Half New Jersey Undocumented Immigrant Students Approved for College and University Financial Aid

    In May, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed off on legislation that extended financial aid to many undocumented immigrants in New Jersey.  READ MORE

  2. New Jersey Accepts First Financial Aid Applications from Undocumented Immigrant Students

    As the ink was still drying on the new law expanding state financial aid to undocumented students, the state’s application website went live.  READ MORE

  3. Immigration Alert: New Jersey Extends College Financial Aid to Undocumented Immigrants

    In a ceremony at Rutgers University in Newark this afternoon, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed into law a bill that makes New Jersey the 10th state in the nation to extend financial aid to college and university students who are undocumented.  The expanded financial assistance includes student loans, grants, and scholarships that are available to U.S. Citizen and lawful permanent resident students. Stay tuned to The READ MORE READ MORE

  4. Connecticut Governor Signs Bill Expanding College Financial Aid to Undocumented Immigrants and New Jersey to Follow

    Connecticut became the first state on the East Coast to make undocumented immigrants eligible for financial aid at state-run colleges and universities. READ MORE

  5. Undocumented Students and the Right to Public Education

    Throughout recent decades millions of individuals have immigrated—both lawfully and unlawfully—into the United States. It is not uncommon for the U.S. government and media to cover the legal implications of immigration, but one topic is all too frequently left out of the spotlight: education. CHALLENGES IN EDUCATING IMMIGRANT STUDENTS According to U.S. law, all minors living within the country’s borders are entitled to an education. Though the READ MORE READ MORE