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  1. Immigrants are Falling Pray to Social Media

    There is an abundance of misinformation about immigration law and the opportunities available to immigrants. In fact, immigrants are faced with a plethora of misinformation on platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp, platforms they sadly rely on to their detriment to communicate with their families and obtain “updated news” while embarking on the dangerous journey to the U.S. This reality represents a significant struggle for the immigrant READ MORE READ MORE

  2. U.S. to Begin Collecting Social Media Information on All Immigrants

    Starting October 18, as part of a new tracking system, the Department of Homeland Security will collect social media and internet data on U.S. immigrants. READ MORE

  3. Yes, Facebook and Twitter Posts Can Forever Ban You From the United States

    American Embassies and Consulates from London to Lisbon to Lebanon and beyond have put into effect the Trump Administration’s determination to implement global extreme vetting for foreign nationals applying for permission to enter the United States. READ MORE