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  1. EB-5 Investor, Religious, and Conrad Visa Programs Extended to September 30

    On Friday, President Donald Trump reluctantly signed into law the Omnibus Appropriations Act for the 2018 Fiscal Year. READ MORE

  2. White House Proposes Immigration Reform Package: What You Need to Know

    The White House released a one-page Immigration Reform Package amid mounting pressure from congressional leaders. READ MORE

  3. Understanding the Different Categories of Immigrant Visas

    With over 100 visa types available to those looking to enter the United States on a permanent basis, it’s no wonder the immigration process can be extremely confusing for even the most knowledgeable prospective visa holders. Fortunately, a basic understanding of the different immigrant visas available can be gained from dividing the different types into more manageable categories. While other types of immigrant visas exist, the two READ MORE READ MORE