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  1. Prince Harry: Can He Spare his U.S. Visa?

    Prince Harry’s memoir Spare (2023) documents salacious accusations about the Royal Family and describes, in detail, Prince Harry’s past and continued use of marijuana, cocaine, psychedelic mushrooms, and other drugs. The author admits to his prior and ongoing addictions to drugs, as well as his possession and continued use. Prince Harry writes that his past use was necessary for him to handle his then-royal duties, ongoing rifts within the READ MORE READ MORE

  2. USCIS Policies Lead to High Denial Rates for L-1B Petitions

    The L-1B nonimmigrant visa program is regularly utilized by companies to transfer employees with specialized knowledge from foreign countries to the United States. According to a recent analysis, the program continues to experience significant denial rates, raising questions about the underlying causes of the phenomenon.  L1-B Visa Program The L1-B Visa Program allows employers to transfer certain nonimmigrant employees from foreign offices to offices within the United READ MORE READ MORE

  3. Customs & Border Protection to Email Visa Waiver Entrants 10-Day Departure Warnings

    Customs & Border Protection (CBP) has announced the implementation of an “Email Departure Reminder” system.  READ MORE

  4. The Trump-Russian Lawyer: Undocumented? Issued a Visa? How Did She Get into the United States? Did CBP Really Strip Search Her at the Airport?

    Many questions have arisen concerning the immigration status of the Russian lawyer involved in the 2016 Presidential Election interference investigation.  READ MORE