Pentagon Reports Security Concerns Over Afghan Refugees

A recent Pentagon Inspector General report uncovered serious security concerns associated with some of the Afghans who entered the United States following the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country late last summer. Despite significant efforts by U.S. intelligence agencies to vet the Afghan evacuees, interagency communication breakdowns allowed otherwise inadmissible persons to enter the United States.

Evacuation of Afghanistan

In the final days of the war in Afghanistan, multinational efforts were made to evacuate vulnerable Afghans from the war-torn country prior to the Taliban takeover. By mid-August of 2021, the Hamid Karzi International Airport remained the only non-Taliban-controlled route to escape the country. In the weeks that followed, several countries conducted operations to evacuate Afghans, such as the Canadian Operation AEGIS, the South Korean Operation Miracle, and the Indian Operation Devi