DOJ Announces Settlement of Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims with Insurance Company

The Department of Justice (“DOJ”) continued its crackdown against discriminatory practices by employers when it announced, on January 24, it had reached a settlement agreement with a Virginia-based insurance company to resolve allegations that the company engaged in immigration-related discrimination. The settlement, like many others since President Biden took office, highlights the administration’s ongoing efforts to target and prosecute discriminatory practices in violation of U.S. immigration law.

Allegations of Discrimination Against a Non-U.S. Worker

According to the press release by the DOJ, the investigation revealed that representatives of the Virginia-based company engaged in discriminatory practices by requesting a non-citizen (who happened to be a lawful permanent resident) to provide a Permanent Resident Card during the hiring process. In fact, the potential employee had already provided legally satisfactory documentation to satisfy the I-9 documentation requirement for new workers in the United States. Of course, pursuant to U.S. immigration law, all employees in the United States have the right to cho