Princeton, New Jersey, Police Patrol Car Causes Immigration Confusion and Concern: Was it ICE?

A police car with the decal “ICE” across its doors has been patrolling the streets of Princeton, New Jersey.  Confusion and concern took over the small Mercer County, New Jersey immigrant community.  Why?  “ICE” is an acronym for Immigration & Customs Enforcement—the federal agency that enforces immigration law, including executing deportation orders, conducting worksite investigations, and more.  ICE is the Immigration Enforcer.

Responding to the concerns and demands for answers from immigrants, immigrant rights advocates, as well as local and state leaders, the police department quickly took to its Facebook page, posting:

There have apparently been some people who have mistaken our recently repaired patrol vehicle as an Immigration Customs Enforcement Vehicle. The repaired truck in the photo will be receiving the rest of its decal this Friday. So as NOT to be confused, we are posting photos of the actual Immigration vehicles and our own patrol vehicles. Though you may see older Princeton Police vehicles that are blue, gold and white and still others that are black and yellow, our official colors are the traditional Black and White with the Princeton Police written out. Thank You.

The Cars Compared:

Princeton Police Patrol Car

The Real ICE-ers


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