JD Supra Recognizes The NMM Immigration Blog in “2018 Readers’ Choice Awards”

Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A., is proud to announce our recognition in JD Supra’s “2018 Readers’ Choice Awards,” which acknowledges more than 240 thought leaders for achieving the highest visibility and engagement in their particular expertise during 2017.  It recognizes 10 authors and one firm in 26 of the most popular categories, as well as one author in each of 8 recently-developing topics.  Our top authors recognized are Raymond G. Lahoud and William C. Menard for publications in The NMM Immigration Blog, and Matthew B. Andersen for his publications in the NMM Liquor Law Blog.

Additionally, the firm has been recognized as among the most popular with readers in 2017 on the following topics: “Proposed Guest Worker Visa Could Expand Access to Permanent Foreign Employees for Agriculture Companies” by Menard and “Pa.L.C.B. Issues Guidance on Decorative Bottles in a Licensed Establishment” by Andersen.

“Timely, current information and choosing topics that will impact and resonate with your audience is key.  It needs to be information your readers will act upon, otherwise it is just noise,” said Ray, Chair of our Immigration Practice Group.  From over 1,000 authors covering the topic of immigration, Ray was recognized as the #1 top author in the category.  Most of the top-read articles in the category discussed USCIS, ICE, immigration procedures, immigration reform, visas, H-1B, foreign nationals, the travel ban, refugees, and the Trump Administration.

More information about the award, including a description of the selection methodology, can be found here.  Our news story about the firm can be found here and the news story about Ray can be found here.  To learn more about this or any other immigration matter, feel free to contact Ray at rglahoud@nmmlaw.com or William at wcmenard@nmmlaw.com.

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