Norris McLaughlin’s Flat Fee Form I-9 Training & Audit Package

Employer Immigration compliance is now, more than ever, a critical component to human resource management. It is no longer a question of whether your company is ready for a random Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Form I-9 audit; rather, your company must be ready for a random ICE audit. It is more important than ever for organizations of all sizes and in every industry, to ensure compliance with Form I-9 rules. Even if your company may not appear at risk for hiring an unauthorized worker, fines can be high for failure to complete the Form I-9 properly.

Lead by Attorney Raymond Lahoud, Norris McLaughlin’s immigration attorneys provide internal training, audits, and other proactive measures to assist and educate your Human Resources and compliance professionals in proper Form I-9 completion. As part of Norris McLaughlin’s Form I-9 compliance services, a Form I-9 Training and Internal Audit is available for a flat, fixed-fee. Your company will be provided with the following:

  • A two-hour in-person work-site visit by an experienced immigration attorney to gather information on the company’s current Form I-9 practices and procedures and to provide a one hour training session provided to company Human Resources professionals on how to properly complete a Form I-9 with a question and answer session for specific Form I-9 questions.
  • Detailed review of a random sampling of 20 existing Form I-9s, followed by an audit report for compliance measurement, as well as instructions on how to correct Form I-9 errors.
  • A prerecorded webinar training session provided to company Human Resources professionals on how to properly complete a Form I-9. Or, an electronic copy of this company-specific training program provided onsite may be requested so that it can be used to train future Human Resources hires or those who cannot attend the live session.
  • Copy of the PowerPoint presentation used for the training session.
  • Audit summary detailing the results of the audit, company actions taken to comply with Form I-9 rules, and any suggested changes to company Form I-9 policies and procedures.
  • Half hour closing phone call to address any remaining post-audit issues.

This program is not available to companies who have already been contacted by a governmental entity regarding Form I-9 compliance. Also, assistance beyond the scope of this fixed fee program, including review of additional Form I-9s, is available at an hourly rate or an agreed upon fixed fee, to be discussed prior to work being commenced.

Norris McLaughlin’s Immigration Practice Group is the leading Employer Immigration Compliance team of attorneys throughout Pennsylvania & New Jersey.  For all Corporate and Employer Immigration Matters, contact Norris McLaughlin’s Immigration Attorneys today.


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