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  1. Are Visa Backlogs threatening the U.S. Economy?

    COVID-19 continues to worsen the increasingly large visa backlog in the United States, increasing wait times for individuals trying to enter the United States, and recent reports have noted the significant and often detrimental economic impact of those long wait times. In response, employers have started to seek alternatives, including relying on remote work performed overseas. The United States Visa Backlog The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically affected READ MORE READ MORE

  2. Immigrants are Falling Pray to Social Media

    There is an abundance of misinformation about immigration law and the opportunities available to immigrants. In fact, immigrants are faced with a plethora of misinformation on platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp, platforms they sadly rely on to their detriment to communicate with their families and obtain “updated news” while embarking on the dangerous journey to the U.S. This reality represents a significant struggle for the immigrant READ MORE READ MORE

  3. “If I’m Deported, I won’t Survive”: Immigration Challenges Faced by the LGBTQ+ Community

    LGBT people face challenges and unique vulnerabilities that cause many to leave their country of origin and seek refuge in another. Research shows that consensual same-sex conduct remains criminalized in 69 countries, and as many as 11 countries could impose the death penalty upon conviction. (ILGA World, The International Lesbian, Gay, Trans and Intersex Association) Research show that even where such conduct is not criminalized, LGBT people READ MORE READ MORE

  4. Justice Department Secures Settlement with Florida Employer to Resolve Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims

    The Department of Justice (“DOJ”) continues to combat employer discriminatory practices in violation of U.S. immigration law