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  1. Newark, New Jersey, Ranks First in the United States for Integration of New Immigrants

    In the first-ever comprehensive review of how each of the 100 largest U.S. cities for how each city welcomes immigrants, Newark, New Jersey, ranked first in its ability to integrate immigrant communities into the “fabric of American life.” The study, released by the bipartisan research and advocacy thinktank, New American Economy, found Newark to be a city that is “starting to rebound after years of job and READ MORE READ MORE

  2. New Jersey Denied Millions in Federal Grants over “Sanctuary State” Immigration Policies, State Sues Trump Administration

    New Jersey sued the US DOJ over the Trump administration’s policy that attaches immigration enforcement conditions to federal public safety grants. READ MORE

  3. BREAKING: US Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel Ban

    In a split decision, the United States Supreme Court upheld the Trump Administration Travel Ban.  READ MORE