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  1. Strengthening Protections for Temporary Workers: DHS Proposes Reforms to H-2 Visa Programs

    In a move to improve the H-2A temporary agricultural and H-2B temporary non-agricultural worker programs, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has introduced a series of proposed reforms aimed at strengthening protections for temporary workers. These programs play a vital role in supporting seasonal and agricultural economies in the United States. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas has expressed the importance of these reforms in safeguarding READ MORE READ MORE

  2. TikTok Ban? National Privacy Concerns Expand to its Use of the H-1B Program and Deportation

    In recent years, the social media app TikTok has become one of the most popular apps in the world. It has gained a massive following among young people, with over one billion active users worldwide. Its popularity has not been without controversy, however, particularly in the United States where it has been at the center of a national security controversy. The concerns over TikTok stem from its ownership by the Chinese READ MORE READ MORE

  3. Prince Harry: Can He Spare his U.S. Visa?

    Prince Harry’s memoir Spare (2023) documents salacious accusations about the Royal Family and describes, in detail, Prince Harry’s past and continued use of marijuana, cocaine, psychedelic mushrooms, and other drugs. The author admits to his prior and ongoing addictions to drugs, as well as his possession and continued use. Prince Harry writes that his past use was necessary for him to handle his then-royal duties, ongoing rifts within the READ MORE READ MORE

  4. Health Care Immigration: Alleviating the U.S. Nursing Shortage

    The nursing shortage has been a persistent problem in the United States for decades, with experts predicting it will only worsen in the coming years. Many factors contribute to the nursing shortage, including an aging population, the retirement of experienced nurses, and an increasing demand for healthcare services. One potential solution to the shortage is immigration law, which can help bring in qualified nurses from other countries READ MORE READ MORE

  5. Amid Tech Layoffs, Demand for H-1B Visas Reaches New Highs

    In recent years, the H-1B visa program has become a highly-debated topic. The program, which allows employers to hire highly skilled foreign workers, has been criticized by some for displacing American workers and contributing to wage stagnation. Others claim the program is necessary to support many American industries. Despite a recent increase in layoffs throughout the tech industry, demand for H-1B visas recently reached new highs.  What READ MORE READ MORE