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  1. In Philadelphia, Economy Struggles to Keep Up with New Influx of Immigrants

    The ongoing debate over immigration in the United States shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Recently that debate has become even fiercer, with southern state governors bussing immigrants to northeastern sanctuary cities to publicly protest the surge in illegal immigration at the southern border. But, as policymakers debate how to respond to the influx of displaced persons, some cities, including Philadelphia, are welcoming them as READ MORE READ MORE

  2. America the Beautiful: Number of New Citizens at 15-Year High

    As pandemic restrictions ease, more immigrants are participating in public naturalization ceremonies to formalize the last step of the citizenship process. These ceremonies are often highly emotional, as they symbolize the last step in a years-long journey for countless Americans. According to recent data, naturalizations are on the rise, reflecting a large population trend for immigration growth in the United States. With this demographic shift, some are READ MORE READ MORE

  3. How Trump-era Immigration Policies May Contribute to Current Economic Troubles

    Whether it was his campaign promise to build a wall, his vulgar references to certain central American countries, or his criticism of legal immigrants taking American jobs, former President Trump maintained a vocal and unrelenting opposition to immigration of all kinds. While the Biden White House seeks to dismantle Trump-era policies, an economic downturn has some suggesting that Trump-era immigration policies continue to hinder American economic progress. READ MORE READ MORE

  4. U.S. Immigrant Population Trends Reflect Growing Economic Opportunity for Pennsylvania

    Immigration is a central pillar of the U.S. economy, so immigration trends often reflect broader economic trends. While immigration growth traditionally focused on large cities, new data suggests immigrants are now preferring smaller, suburban areas at a greater rate. In fact, some of the top cities attracting immigrants include Pennsylvania metropolitan areas you might not expect. A New Report: Immigrants and Opportunity in America’s Cities According to READ MORE READ MORE

  5. DOJ Settles Immigration Discrimination Claim Against National Bakery Chain

    The Department of Justice (DOJ), according to its recent announcement, has secured a settlement agreement with national bakery chain Lady M. The settlement resolves the DOJ’s determination that the chain violated the law in the manner it verified the employment authorization of its employees. This announcement highlights the consequences for employers that fail to comply with the Immigration and Nationality Act (the “INA”). Allegations of Discrimination Against Noncitizen Workers According to READ MORE READ MORE