Immigration Weekly Round-Up: Undocumented Immigrants in N.J. Lose Access to Pandemic Funds; N.Y. Sees Reduction in Immigration; EB-5 Project Threatened Over Investment Refunds

Outrage Following Reallocation of Millions in the Excluded N.J. Funds

In a move that has left many immigrants and immigration advocates stunned and angry, New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, has reallocated approximately $34 million of the $50 million from the federally-funded Excluded New Jerseyans Fund – which is dedicated to providing pandemic assistance to those who were exempted from the initial stimulus checks, including thousands of undocumented immigrants – to pay for other state expenses, such as payroll and various department costs due to COVID-19.

Immigration advocacy groups, such as the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice (NJAIJ) and Casa Freehold, decried the decision. Both groups said that the application process for immigrants to apply for these relief funds was difficult and set to fail at the start. “People feel like they have lost their trust in the stateR