Biden’s Executive Orders and Their Impact on Thousands of Pennsylvania Immigrants

President Biden Executive Orders on Immigration Policies Impact on Pennsylvania Immigrants

Since the Biden administration took office, Executive Orders (EO) on immigration have been rolling out, reviewing and undoing some of the previous administration’s policies. Each of these EOs has widespread repercussions on different immigrant communities and families living inside and outside the United States. As the White House reviews or studies immigration policies, activists for immigrants throughout Pennsylvania hope for positive reforms from the Biden administration.

Biden’s EO on the Family Separation Policy

One EO passed by the Biden administration creates a task force to address the harms of the family separation policy, which separated parents and their children as they arrived at the border. President Biden wrote in the order, “[m]y administration condemns the human tragedy that occurred when our immigration laws were used to intentionally separate children from their parents.”

An Iraqi refugee in Philadelph