ICE Continues to Crackdown as Undocumented Workers Fight Back at Employer for Overtime Pay in Texas Business

ICE Raids

Sixty former workers of Load Trail, a leading trailer manufacturing business, have filed a class-action suit against the business for failure to pay for the overtime work.


The workers claim that they have regularly worked around 55 hours per week and were never paid for the overtime. Workers also accuse Load Trail of having paid them in different schemes to avoid the overtime wages. According to federal labor laws, regardless of the workers being undocumented, the employer must pay them overtime compensation.

Load Trail, the country’s fourth-largest trailer manufacturers, had come under the scrutiny of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) before. In 2014 Load Trail paid $444,993 in fines to the immigration authorities for having knowingly hired undocumented immigrants. Last year, once again the company came under the radar of ICE and was found to have employed 160 undocumented workers. The manufacturer had continued to employ the immigrants willfully, knowing that they were undocumented.