Trump Administration Delays Implementation of “International Entrepreneur Rule”

This week, the Trump Administration stated it would postpone the implementation of the “International Entrepreneur Rule,” an Obama policy designed to facilitate immigrant entrepreneurs coming to the United States to help fund and manage start-up businesses.

The rule, which was set to take effect July 17, would have granted parole into the United States for up to 3,000 immigrant entrepreneurs who could show that they owned at least 10% of a newly-formed business and played a prominent role in the management of that business.  Parole would have been valid for a period of two years, with up to a three-year extension if the entrepreneur could establish that the business was growing, showing increased revenue, additional investments, or job creation.  The purpose of the rule was intended to help small businesses get off the ground by making it easier for foreign innovators to launch their companies in the United States, and was designed to act as a speedier alternative to certain visa applications for foreign investors.

The Trump Administration has stated that it is delaying the International Entrepreneur Rule in order to obtain public comment, and has given March 14, 2018, as the new start date.  Nevertheless, the administration will review the policy, as well as public reaction to it, before making a decision as to whether the rule will take effect as planned.

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