An Immigration Lawyer’s Thoughts on Immigration . . .

I put this blog together to talk to those online about the immigration and deportation system as seen from the eyes of a lawyer.  Daily, lawyers are dealing with the system.  It all starts when a mother with four children walks into my office crying.

She tells me that her husband was just picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  She does not know why.  She does not know where he is.  I make a few calls.  I find out he is sitting in a dirty prison cell–somewhere–he has no bail.  Why did Immigration decide to arrest him: because he committed a crime TEN YEARS AGO.

Yes, he served his time.  Yes, the crime was the most smallest thing.  To immigration, however, it is a chance to kick a permanent resident out, who has built a life, with a business and family.  He has done nothing wrong: other than be an outstanding person over the last ten years.

It does not matter, though.  Immigration wanted him and they took him into custody in front of his family.

To the arresting officers, who are “just doing their job,” yes, maybe, they are just doing that.  They can’t see beyond that, though.  They cannot see that this person is NOT who they think he is.  And, then, he sits in prison for months and months.  Nothing good comes out of it.  The family waits.

Wht should a lawyer do?  What does the lawyer think?

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