We are a leader in securing S-Visa classification for immigrants (in the United States and abroad), who have provided critical information to law enforcement.  The information provided typically relates to ongoing criminal and terrorist related activities.  If an immigrant qualifies for a S-Visa, immediate family members may accompany the informant.  The types of S-Visas are as follows:

Criminal Informants (S-5)

The S-5 classification may be granted to a foreign national who has been determined by the Attorney General to possess critical, reliable information concerning a criminal organization or enterprise.  The alien must be willing to supply or have supplied this information to federal or state law enforcement authorities, or to a federal or state court. The Attorney general must also determine that the alien’s presence in the United States is essential to the success of an authorized criminal investigation or to the successful prosecution of an individual involved in a criminal organization or enterprise.  The number of witnesses or informants granted S-5 status in a fiscal year may not exceed 200.

Terrorists Informants (S-6)

The S-6 category of classification may be granted to an alien who the Attorney General and Secretary of State have determined possesses critical, reliable information concerning a terrorist organization, operation, or enterprise, and who is willing to supply or has supplied information to federal law enforcement authorities or to a federal court.  The Attorney General and Secretary must also determine that the alien has been or will be placed in danger as a result of providing information, and is eligible to receive a cash reward under §36(a) of the State Department Basic Authorities Act of 1956.  The number of informants admitted under this classification may not exceed 50 in any fiscal year.  No terrorist informants have been admitted under the S-6 category since 1996.

Accompanying Family Members (S-7)

The law allows the informant’s accompanying family members-including spouses, married or unmarried children, and parents – to receive S nonimmigrant visas.  These accompanying family members are referred to as S-7 nonimmigrants.

You Need an NMM Attorney.

Do not rely on law enforcement to secure S-Visa nonimmigrant status for you.  If you are an informant, or are considering work with federal, state, or local law enforcement, contact us for a free, confidential consultation.  Do not do it alone.