Continued Presence

Continued Presence (CP)


Continued Presence (“CP”) is a temporary immigration status provided to individuals identified by law enforcement as victims of human trafficking who are potential witnesses in an investigation or prosecution.  Federal law enforcement officials are authorized to submit a CP application, which should be initiated upon identification of a victim of human trafficking.   CP allows victims of human trafficking to remain in the United States during an ongoing investigation into human trafficking-related crimes committed against them.  CP is initially granted for one year and may be renewed in on-year increments.  Recipients of CP also receive work authorization.  CP is authorized by ICE Home Security Investigations (“HSI”) Law Enforcement Parole Unit and can only be sponsored by a federal law enforcement agent.

State, local, tribal and territorial law enforcement officials who would like to request CP for human trafficking victims are encouraged to work with the local HIS office in their area.  In addition, Victim Assistance Coordinators can assist law enforcement officials in obtaining referrals to nongovernmental victim services providers who can offer a variety of services to assist crime victims, such as immigration legal assistance, crisis intervention, counseling, medical care, housing, job skills training, and case management.

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