Protective Visas

20070911_Left_behind (1)Protective Visas

Core to the American Immigration System is the availability of protection when an immigrant has suffered harm, abuse, witnessed a crime, been the victim of trafficking or domestic violence, has assisted law enforcement in investigations, or been the victim of a crime.  These protections fall under the broad category of Protective Visas.   To secure protection is no simple task; rather, successful applications necessitate substantial effort, documentation, evidence, and legal arguments establishing eligibility for the protection requested.  For decades, Baurkot & Baurkot has handled countless applications and other legal requests for individuals seeking protection of the United States Government, because of domestic violence, cooperation, victims of crimes and human trafficking.

Baurkot & Baurkot Attorneys work closely with the victim, family members, federal, state, and local law enforcement, immigration authorities, medical providers, and others, to ensure that any request for protection is detailed and comprehensive.  In addition to asylum protection, other protective visas and applications include:


Baurkot & Baurkot is the leading immigration law and deportation defense firm.  Baurkot Attorneys have held thousands of immigrants over the years in their times of need, reinforcing the notion that America is here to protect others, especially the most vulnerable.  To learn more about the specific types of visas, contact Baurkot & Baurkot today for a free, confidential consultation.