AsylumThe world is not safe.  Everyday, tens of thousands of people flee their native countries in search of protection because of they have suffered torture, inhumane and other degrading treatment because of their political beliefs, religion, gender, sexual orientation, membership in an organization, nationality, ethnicity, domestic relationship– or some other belief that is unable to be changed or, as a matter of human decency, should not be changed through force.

Many who flee come to the United States — whether it is by land, air or sea–in search of that protection, knowing that the United States is certainly the land of the free, where you can be who you are, without fear.  For those seeking protection, the United States recognizes three separate types of protection:  Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and protection under the United Nations Convention Against Torture (“CAT”).  The three are distinct in nature and have different procedures, elements of proof, timing and whether or not permanent resident status would follow if protection is granted.  Protection requests may be initiated by any immigrant fearing return to their home country at removal (deportation) proceedings.  Often, many who enter the United States seeking protection do nothing and let time tick, waiting to request Asylum, Withholding of Removal or CAT when they are taken into immigration custody and placed in removal (deportation) proceedings.   This is wrong and could have a negative impact on your claim, particularly if years pass between the time you first entered the United States and when you may be placed in removal (deportation) proceedings.

If you or a loved one is afraid to return to your native country, actions can be affirmatively taken, which seek protection of the United States Government.  The process is not simple.  It is important that you speak to an immigration attorney about this fear, so that a determination can be made about what forms of protection you should request, the levels of proof needed, and other necessary details, that would allow for a successful claim for Asylum, Withholding of Removal or CAT.

Baurkot & Baurkot has handled asylum protection matters in immigration courts across the nation, as well as before United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.  From day one until the date of the decision, Baurkot & Baurkot’s immigration law and deportation defense attorneys work with you, your family, fear related experts, doctors, psychologists, technicians, country specific experts and others, to assist in well-documenting and developing your claim for protection.  You should not be afraid to live your life, as you wish, without fear of retaliation, torture and abuse because of who you are, what you do, what you did, what you believe in or who you love.  Do not wait until you are before an immigration court to have your fear assessed.  If you are in immigration court, do not wait to contact a Baurkot & Baurkot attorney to discuss your removal (deportation) matter as well as your fear and how best to present your fear claim before an immigration court.  Do not fight your immigration battle alone.  Call Baurkot & Baurkot now at (484) 544-0022 to schedule a free consultation.