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Your Deportation Defense Attorneys

Norris McLaughlin & Marcus Attorneys are your Deportation Defenders, providing deportation, removal, exclusion or admissibility representation to clients across the United States.

Norris McLaughlin & Marcus is a firm that is dedicated to representing those who may have the smallest of deportation issues to the most complex of federal deportation matters. Key to NMM’s growth to the forefront of deportation attorneys across the United States is that, while NMM has global capabilities, no case is treated as “minor.” We believe in personalized representation, with experienced attorneys who use modern approaches to solve your deportation problem.

If you are not now in removal proceeding and have never been, but are in the United States unlawfully, have been convicted of any type of crime or are facing a conviction, NMM’s Deportation Attorneys have counseled many in the very same position. Many immigrants –those in the United States lawfully and those unlawfully—have found comfort in retaining us for any potential immigration issues that may arise in the future and may lead to the commencement of deportation or inadmissibility proceedings.

If a case has already started, Norris McLaughlin & Marcus steps in quickly, regardless of when the next hearing date is scheduled. From securing a client’s release on reasonable bond to defending the client throughout the entire deportation proceeding process, such as establishing, through an extensive and detailed trial, that a client is eligible for one of many forms of relief from deportation. Norris McLaughlin & Marcus expertise is need from the start of a non-immigrant’s criminal case, to that immigrant’s bond hearing and final trial.

Deportation proceedings are commenced in several different manners and there are several forms of relief from deportation from the United States. Contact Norris McLaughlin & Marcus if you, a loved one, a family member or a friend is facing deportation from the United States. Norris McLaughlin & Marcus litigates deportation matters from start to finish:

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