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Norris McLaughlin & Marcus' Immigration Attorneys are at the forefront of the ever changing landscape of today's volatile immigration system.  Day after day, the Norris McLaughlin Immigration Law Practice Group serve New Jersey's immigrants, families, small businesses, corporations, non-profits, universities, hospitals, and others, in every immigration matter.

Norris McLaughlin & Marcus’ New Jersey Immigration Attorneys believe in producing only the highest caliber of legal work to ensure that every client – whether an individual immigrant who settled in New Jersey, a small business in Bridgewater, an overstay immigrant in Newark, or one of Hoboken's largest employers – is provided every process, opportunity and possibility of a future in the United States.  Central to this growth of this nation is the flow of individuals and commerce.  The world has become one without borders, with New Jersey at the forefront of the influx of immigrants: students must study abroad, employers need access to the global workforce, marriage is limited only to love, families must be united and corporate executives, their corporations and employees are no longer limited to one city, state, or country.  While the world has seemingly become “one,” it is the American Immigration System – a system that is riddled with confusion, great uncertainty, complex laws and mundane regulations – that oft-stands in the way of the ease of global movement.

From New Jersey's small businesses, non-profits, foreign and domestic companies, investors, students, travelers, families, fiances, spouses, children and those who wish to become citizens in every New Jersey city, to extensive federal immigration compliance investigations, asylum and deportation defense matters resulting from no status, a criminal offenses or the most serious of immigration law violations that often lead one to the highest courts of the United States, the Norris McLaughlin & Marcus Immigration Law Group leads in experience, knowledge, dedication and client focused representation. 

The American Immigration System is not a game. Each immigration case is different. It is Norris McLaughlin & Marcus’ Immigration Law Group’s knowledge in finding those differences and our ability to resolve problems, big and small, which makes it New Jersey's leader in immigration law and deportation defense. 

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