Allentown Pennsylvania Immigration and Deportation Lawyers

displayimg120Baurkot & Baurkot is a leading Allentown, Pennsylvania Immigration Law and Deportation Defense Law Firm.  Allentown is a city with a deep immigrant history, which is now goign through an economic renaissance.  Allentown calls some of the world’s leading companies home, is made of immigrants from across the globe and leads in terms of its recent economic development. Allentown is Pennsylvania’s third-largest city, and is the largest of the three cities that are collectively referred to as the Lehigh Valley.  The Lehigh Valley — Easton, Bethlehem and Allentown– has a population over 820,000 people, numerous leading colleges and universities, small businesses, global corporations, leading hospitals and much more.

Baurkot & Baurkot is a leading immigration law and deportation defense firm that serves the City of Allentown, Pennsylvania and the surrounding communities.  Baurkot & Baurkot Attorneys, with offices in nearby Easton, Pennsylvania–handle all types of immigration related matters, including, but not limited to: deportation defense, employment based visas (permanent and temporary), student visas, professional employment visas, family immigrant petitions, global inter-company transfer of executives and managers, investment based immigrant visas, EB-5 transactions, I-9 Compliance, visitor visas, business visas and the like.

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