Time for Electronic Filing with the Immigration Court System – Time to Save the Enviroment, Money and Time

Given the continued annual growth of actual deportations and commencement of deportation proceedings, Baurkot & Baurkot Deportation Attorney Raymond Lahoud called for the implementation of an electronic filing system for the Immigration Courts that is similar to that in the federal court system. “Deportation proceedings are, without any doubt, the fastest proceedings that exist in the American Judicial System and potential deportees are … [Read more...]

Trial of PA Officers Accused of Obstructing Justice Over the Beating of Illegal Mexican Starts Today . . . Justice and Lou Dobbs’ Ignorance.

The Associated Press reported that the trial of three Pennsylvania police officers accused of obstructing justice in an investigation of the beating death of 25-year-old Luis Ramirez, an alien from Mexico who entered the United States by crossing the border.  Last year, two young men were convicted of the beating death under Federal Hate Crime legislation. The issue here is a bit deep and goes to what I refer to as “Lou Dobbs’ … [Read more...]

Is the DREAM Act Just a Dream?

What a surprise—the DREAM Act vote in the US Senate was postponed another week.  Hopes of millions of undocumented Americans have faded after yesterday’s United States’ House of Representatives passage of the Act. Unsurprisingly, the House passed its version of the DREAM Act, weeks before Republicans take control following the GOP’s General Election victory.  The question is, however, is this DREAM Act going to become a reality or, is it just a … [Read more...]

Immigration Detention Hell

I just got off the phone with a deportation client. Of course, I can't reveal lots of details about his deportation case. In any event, he is being detained under the ridiculous INA mandatory detention statute. This client was charged with a crime in late-2000 and is a Permanent Resident. USCIS, DHS and ICE forgot this fact though. Instead, they waited until early-2010 to decide to commence deportation proceedings against him. Yes, 10 … [Read more...]

USCIS Censorship

When it comes to transparency in government activities there are two extremes: On the one hand, there is the total freedom of information sought by many advocates of democracy, the "open covenants, openly arrived at" concept of Woodrow Wilson. On the other there is the highly efficient censorship of a dictatorship, such as that of North Korea. And in the middle there is the not-so-competent, partial censorship of USCIS's review body, the … [Read more...]

An Immigration Lawyer’s Thoughts on Immigration . . .

I put this blog together to talk to those online about the immigration and deportation system as seen from the eyes of a lawyer.  Daily, lawyers are dealing with the system.  It all starts when a mother with four children walks into my office crying. She tells me that her husband was just picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  She does not know why.  She does not know where he is.  I make a few calls.  I find out he is sitting in a … [Read more...]